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Revolutionize the way you care for your loved ones - from babies to the elderly.

Redefining Distance, Empowering Care

Caring for loved ones far away can be stressful. Fear of missing a crucial moment haunts every caregiver. 
Change that with Ai Watchful Companion! We bridge the gap between distance and connection, ensuring you're always present when most needed. 
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Unleash the Power of Care with Our Innovative Features



Harnesses computer vision and audio analysis for real-time reactions to loved ones' needs.

Real-Time Viewing

Provides real-time visual access, ensuring continuous safety and wellbeing.

Instant Notifications

Receive alerts and calls upon trigger activation, ensuring continuous updates.

Instant Record

Instant audio or video recording at trigger activation, useful for documenting rare symptoms.

Health Analysis

Understand sleep quality, breathing patterns, mood, and more, fostering a healthy lifestyle.

Emergency Response

Tells the location of the incident to the emergency, after failing call to caregivers.
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The Journey Ahead: Towards Better Care

Join Ai Watchful Companion and help us make caregiving easier and stress-free!
With each new member, we lighten the load, enhancing peace of mind and carving out more moments for joy and rest in every caregiver's day.
Let’s innovate for a happier, healthier future.